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August 18, 2016
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August 18, 2016

Prepared To Pass

Project Background

Prepared to Pass is one of the Georgia state leaders in the test preparation for the Georgia Cosmetology State Board Exam. This project started with the conceptualization of the logo and brand and ended with the complete development of a multi-faceted training and e-commerce website.

Brand Strategy

The creators of Prepared to Pass wanted to create branding that would spread across multiple promotion and marketing platforms including website, business cards, posters and flyers. The blue and gray color scheme was suggested by the client and the trailing star symbolizes the process and journey involved with learning, training and passing the exam.

Web Design and Features

The scope of the website featured many moving parts. The website needed to offer online training videos to paid members, the ability to purchase a physical training kit, as well as the ability to sign up and pay for an in-person class that is offered on a custom schedule.

With a website this complex, it was important to strategize and build sitemaps and flow charts before touching any code. We first laid out the membership options and process and completed a round of testing to ensure that only appropriate authorized access was granted to the videos. Next we created the products that can be purchased as a group or separately for the Training Kit.

Perhaps the most challenging concept to bring to life was setting up the written course. The requirements included offering a total of 10 spots for each class, giving the student the option to attend a predefined schedule of classes, pay for the class, issue a confirmation and receipt, and send the instructor the list of atendees.

Before going live, the client chose 5 outside testers and we drafted up a different scenario for each one to ensure positive and negative testing behaved in the appropriate manner.

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