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October 20, 2017
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Firearm eCommerce Website

  • TaskeCommerce site design and development

Website Design and Development for Harge Steel & Ammo, a family-owned firearms dealer out of Atlanta, GA.

HSA solicited the help of Number 1 Productions to develop a functioning ecommerce website where they could introduce and showcase their brand and offerings.

Features/Objectives of  phase 1 of the Website Build…

-Clearly navigate the user through the process of buying a firearm which includes finding a local dealer, registration, and ultimately finding and purchasing a firearm from HSA.

-Showcase the brands that HSA currently carries and will carry in the future

-Allow the customer to request a firearm make/model that is not on the website

-Modify the checkout form to allow the customer to enter custom details

-Allow HSA admin the ability to add and modify products and brand logos dynamically