Driven To Learn Foundation

Bostic Next Level
August 18, 2016

Driven To Learn Foundation

Project Background

The Driven To Learn foundation was a new non-profit organization built off of the determination to transport Youth toward better life experiences by offering opportunities to discover captivating, hands-on learning sessions outside of normal classroom settings.

Brand Strategy

A name was already in place, which was a great start. The client didn't have any logo ideas so we were tasked with conceptualizing first and then bringing that logo concept to life. After gathering background information during the initial consultation, #1P was able to draft up a few logo ideas based on the purpose and meaning of the organizational name. The suggested colors to use were Purple, Orange and Grey. The initial thoughts of the design was to show change, direction, and a will to learn and educate oneself. After a few sketches, we landed on the symbolic speedometer infused with the organization name. This visual for the brand showcases ambition, an accelerated will to learn, and an appropriate use of the requested colors.

Web Design

We built the website in Wordpress because it is one of the best content management systems out there. Since this was the start of the non-profit organization, there was no prior media of photos available so we hand-selected stock photos to display the appropriate message of the organization. The website is mostly informational, but there is a donation feature as well as a unique fundraising feature that allows the donor to receive a voucher upon making a donation.

Words from Customer

The level of service provided by Number 1 Productions is impeccable! Every stage of the process was performed in a professional manner and was handled with care. I was grateful for the attention to detail and patience that was shown during times when I was undecided. I now consider Jawaan and Number 1 Productions a valuable part of my team and will continue to recommend their services to others.

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