Private Society Art & Fashion Exposé

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August 18, 2016
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August 18, 2016

Private Society Art & Fashion Exposé

Event Background

The Private Society Art & Fashion Exposé (PSAFE) is an event that started in Atlanta, GA in April 2015. The event invites an audience who enjoys the blended creation of music, art and fashion under one roof.
In order for an event to be successful in it's first year, the biggest challenge is to spread the word and entice the audience to participate and attend the event. This is done through word of mouth, imagery and mostly social media.

Project Scope

All of the promotional graphics and event signage was created by Number 1 Productions. First the official logo and color scheme was created and approved by the committee. Following the creation of the theme, there needed to be multiple social media flyers announcing the event, venue, vendors, sponsors, performers, ticket info, and many other announcements surrounding the event.

In addition to the promotional graphics, signage for the event needed to be created in order to cohesively display the theme of the event at the venue. From the sponsors banner hanging from the rafters, step and repeat backdrop to the vinyl wall adhesives and stickers, #1P delivered with the event signage.

The promotional material and central location for all event information was on the website which is also maintained by Number 1 Productions.

Event Photography and Videography was a collaborative effort between Dramatic Endings, Alex Oshi Photography, JawaanW Photography and Creative Synergy Inc. The final event recap highlight video was edited and released by Number 1 Productions.

Year 2 Scope and Background

The second annual PSAFE event took place in April 2016 and it was bigger and better! In addition to all of the promotional items and event items, we expanded the budget to include a junior designer to help with branding and flyer creation. We also curated and shot a docu-series surrounding the 3 areas of the event, Art, Fashion and Music. The series featured event staff and friends and the short interviews were released in the month leading up to the event and during the show.
Another note of progress for year two was the creation of the event's own instagram page and event website. The website was built and maintained by Number 1 Productions and included all event information and media from first year as well as videos from second year.


Event Logo (Year 1... Outsourced Year 2)
20+ Social Media Promo flyers (each year)
Official Event Flyer (printed)
Step and Repeat Backdrop setup
Motion Graphic Event Intro (Both Years)
Performing Artist Motion Graphic
Event Photography
Event Videography
Event Recap Video
Art. Fashion. Music Docu-series (year 2)

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